Why Choose Us

KTF Housing system

Our KTF Housing system is a high quality off-site constructed and engineered timber frame system. We comply with all required regulations. Our Frames are certified by the NSAI. 

Frames are tailor made to suit our client requirements. We use climate smart construction components and our timber is from sustainable owner managed forests.  We manufacture our frames cost effectively and are environmentally conscious at all times. 

Our unique housing system delivers a U-value rating of 0.14 and guarantees high airtightness standards resulting in reduced thermal bridging. It is the ideal construction method for a modern energy efficient building.


We are NSAI Certified.

All timber frame products are NSAI – National Standards Authority of Ireland certified.


CE Marking

CE-marking indicates that your products comply with stringent EU product safety directives.


Irish Timber Frame Association member.

All ITFMA members are quality accredited under the NSAI Timber Frame Manufacturing scheme in principle and practice.


STA Assure Gold & STA Site Safe Status

Structural Timber Association certified. TA Assure is the STA’s Quality Assurance Scheme which has been designed to ensure quality and competency in structural timber construction, from design, to manufacture, to installation. The scheme, which includes an independent audit, recognises the accreditations and standards held by our member companies.


We are committed to incorporating energy-efficient solutions and low-carbon construction techniques into our designs, which helps to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise your impact on the environment. You can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and modern living space without compromising on your environmental values. We also prioritise the use of sustainable materials in our construction processes, which helps to reduce waste and minimise the depletion of natural resources.

We also aim to source materials locally wherever possible, which reduces the carbon emissions associated with transportation and supports the local economy.

Timber frame Housing Ireland

Latest Technology

By utilising cutting-edge technology in our design and manufacturing processes, we offer the most advanced and efficient solutions that translate into savings for your home and long-term future. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer numerical control (CNC) machinery enable precise timber cutting and assembly.



Our team of professional, experienced and highly skilled timber frame home specialists have a proven record of successfully delivering projects on time and to exceptional standards ensuring client satisfaction. While manufacturing is carried out in a controlled factory environment.


Our Team

Our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about what they do, committed to delivering quality work, exceptional communications skills and commitment to ongoing improvement. We understand our clients’ needs and provide personalised solutions that exceed expectations.