Sustainability Construction

Timber Frame houses can be an eco-friendly building option if they are designed, constructed, and maintained with sustainability in mind. Here are some reasons why:

Renewable Materials

Timber is a renewable resource, meaning it can be grown and harvested over and over again. All of the timber used here at KTF Housing Ltd is sourced from sustainable managed forestry’s.

Low Embodied Energy

The energy required to produce timber for construction is much lower than that required to produce other building materials such as steel and concrete.

Carbon Footprint

Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow, which is stored inside of timber. As long as the timber is kept in good condition, it continues to store carbon, which can help to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your timber frame house.

Energy Efficiency

Our timber frame homes are designed to be highly energy-efficient. Due to the insulating properties of timber, along with the high quality of insulation used within the structure, it allows our homes to be better equipped to retain heat in the winter and to keep it cool during the summer. The airtightness properties of our timber frame houses also contribute to this, which can help towards reducing the energy bills for your home in the future.

Minimal Waste

Timber Frame construction typically generates less waste compared to other building methods. This is because all materials are cut to precise dimensions here in our factory and then assembled on site, which minimises the amount of waste produced on site during the construction process.


Timber Frame construction is known for its strength and durability.  Timber frame houses use large solid beams to create a sturdy frame that can withstand the harsh weather conditions that we have here in Ireland, and last for generations.