Why Choose Timber Frame?

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KTF Housing have built over 8,000 Timber Frame Homes


Timber Frame Construction is a fixed cost method of construction, due to being designed and manufactured off-site. This can eliminate the chances of additional expenses during the on-site building process which may occur throughout traditional site based methods. There is also less manpower needed on site for timber frame construction due to the prefabricated work done in our factory here at KTF Housing.

Construction speed

Using timber frame as your construction method can reduce your construction time by nearly 30%. Timber Frame construction is still able to be carried out through adverse weather conditions due to the scaffolding being fully set up before any of the work begins. Due to the fast erection times, it means that the tradesmen can begin their work much faster than if they had been waiting on traditional construction methods.

Environmentally Friendly

As timber is the only sustainable and renewable building material, developers that are constructing multiple houses can have massive benefits to our environment by choosing to use timber frame construction. The production of concrete produces large amounts of carbon dioxide, which significantly contributes to global warming and has a negative effect on our environment.

Quality and efficiency

Timber frame buildings can be more energy efficient due to the natural insulating properties of wood. This can lead to lower heating and cooling costs for its occupants. All houses produced here at our factory in KTF are of STA Assure Gold Standard and NSAI Certified which reassures our customers of the quality of production.

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